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Bonnie Loraine Designs 



Bonnie Loraine Sales

Cincinnati, Ohio


Bonnie Sales is a contemporary artist, published author and illustrator who lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a multi-award winner who’s colorful artwork emanates joy and contentment and expresses the vibrant spirit she wishes to convey. Bonnie invites us through her paintings to see life as a colorful journey. 


She also loves many forms of art including, wood carving, stained glass, jewelry making, wall murals and surface pattern designs. 


Bonnie had the privilege to study under renowned artists C.F Payne and Tom Greene of Cincinnati Ohio. Her talents have taken her to Jalisco Mexico where she created nine large murals and developed a love for bright colors and organic design. As the artist explains. “In a world where we sometimes forget to see beauty in the mundane, my desire is to gift the viewer with a chance to be carried away in their own imagination. A place to dream of a unique world where all is well and cake is good for you!"



Original paintings and prints can be ordered via my CONTACT page.

Origial Art


The Process for wall murals and custom furniture paintings.

How it works...let's keep it simple.

1) Initial meeting to discuss concept.

2) Second Meeting: Proposal, project hours needed, timeline, and cost.

3) Sign agreement with 50% due at signing.

4) Your project is launched.

5) Project complete.

6) Balance paid...Everyone is happy!

Tabletops and Custom Furniture

Wall Murals

                  Let's get together and paint.

I love the idea of canvas and wine parties however, I would like you to create something functional and fun while teaching you to tap into your creativity. I have come up with an idea to create beautiful, useful, painted wooden hooks for your home. Maybe you need a hook to remind you where you placed your keys, a home for your favorite necklace, whatever! I supply all of the materials, you invite your friends, you choose the wine. You choose up to three designs or choose a beautiful more sophisticated stencil to create your unique hook. I will have the designs drawn on the wood or we stencil, and you do the rest with my help! It's that simple, so, let's get the party started.